Symbiosis Seed Exchange

The Symbiosis Seed Exhange is your source for reliable, quality vegetable seeds that are suited and adapted to the soils and environment of the Coastal Otago bioregion. 

Our focus is on providing a core range of basic food crops which have been tried and proven in this area to provide consistent good results and the potential for a nearly year-round harvest of nutritious and delicious back yard produce. We continue to actively breed and select seeds for local conditons, so with each passing year, our seeds become increasingly adapted and improved.

Our seeds are grown by a collective of growers in the region who focus on growing one or more varieties for the purpose of returning seeds to the exchange. This is a very rewarding process, as you get to be involved with the entire life cycle of the plant, and observe the improvements of a variety year on year as a result of your selection efforts. If you are interested in becoming a seed grower for our network, please contact us.