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This page is our notice board to link you to other groups, projects and businesses in the Otago area that have a focus on supporting local food and local food production. 


Our Food Network

Is a local group of growers and community advocates who share a common goal of fostering and supporting local food based activities in the Otago region

Otago Organics

Is a collective of organic growers and educators who assist growers into becoming certified organic as well as running various workshops on different aspects of local food production throughout the year

Dunedin Vegetable Growers Club

An awesome club with a long running history in Dunedin. Plenty of incredibly dedicated and experienced growers come along to the monthly meetings and are more than willing to provide sage advice to those starting out. Plant sales and seed swaps occur alongside stimulating discussion, guest speakers, cups of tea and bikkies. Also have a great library of gardening books that you can borrow.


George Street Orchard

A project by local gardening guru Rory Harding. Rory has transformed his inner city back yard into a bountiful food forest filled with a diverse range of unique and interesting crops. He runs workshops from time to time which are well worth attending for some great knowledge and inspiration.

Valley Project

A North East Valley basd community initiative which covers a broad range of activities including supporting local food production and backyard growers.


North East Valley Community Gardens

A fantastic and flourishing example of a local community garden in North East Valley. A dedicated team of volunteers keeps these gardens humming. Well worth getting involved with and you will no doubt go home feeling inspired to grow lots of food!

Green Island Community Gardens

Another successful and vibrant community garden operating in Green Island, Dunedin. Go along and get involved!

Dalmore Reserve Community Gardens

A community garden project in Dalmore, North Dunedin, which is growing more and more by the year!

Caversham Community Orchard

A recently planted community orchard on South Road which aims to provide locals with delicious, nutritious fruits

Otago Uni Campus Garden

A student-led initiative, growing vegetables on a plot of land on the university campus, with workshops and working bees.


Otago Polytechnic Horticulture and Permaculture schools

The Otago Polytechnic runs a project called Living Campus - whereby they have planted out large swathes of the campuses open spaces into edible food crops which are there for the community to enjoy. They also offer several different courses in horticulture and permiculture areas of study.

Kowhai Grove

A hands-on learning centre where young people can get great experience in learning how to grow edible crops using sustainable practices

MycoLogic - Mushroom Cultivation and Research

A Dunedin based business run by Ōtepoti Urban Organics founder Bart Acres. MycoLogic is dedicated to progressing our knowledge about fungi, their cultivation, and their nutritional and medicinal properties here in Aotearoa. In addition to their website which features free grow guides for mushroom cultivation as well as a wide range of mushroom cultures and growing supplies, Bart also hosts hands-on mushroom cultivation workshops several times per year both in Dunedin and in other towns.

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