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A riotous profusion of non-invasive wildflowers hand-selected from a hundred Ōtepoti gardens. Sow in batches throughout spring for all-summer long flowering. Some seed is quite small so it's a good idea to mix it with soil to scatter-sow evenly. Protect from birds and keep soil surface evenly moist. Great around the edges of gardens and under fruit trees. No two packets will be quite the same! 


Species could include phacelia, poppy, borage, strawflower, astrantia, purpletop vervain, calendula, hollyhock, cornflower,  cosmos, zinnia, marigold, buckwheat, sweet pea, meadowfoam, sunflower, chamomile... and many, many other wonderful things! 


The insect queendom will love you for it. 

Butterfly and Bee Blend

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