for the Symbiosis Seed Exchange

Our seed exchange relies on local growers to continue to grow and improve seed for our collection. 

If you are interested in supporting us by becoming a grower of seeds, please contact us and we can let you know what is involved. We will help you with all of the information and resources that you need to grow a great crop of seeds. 

When you grow seed for us, you have the option of donating them (a great way of supporting our project!), exchanging them for credits for free packs of seeds from our collection, or being paid money for the seeds that you grow. 

The criteria for becoming a seed grower are pretty simple. Some of the key things that we need from you are: 

  • You have some garden space available to dedicate to growing seed. This can involve leaving crops in the ground for longer than you normally would if you were just eating them. You can become a seed saver for us with as little as one square meter of spare space. Some crops require a larger amount of space. 

  • You are willing to 'adopt' at least one crop to save the seeds for

  • You are willing to learn about the correct process of selecting and saving seed for that specific variety

  • If all you have is land and you are willing to let us use it to grow seed crops, that is also very helpful. We can take care of the rest if need be. Please get in touch to learn more!